Terms & Conditions

1) Steemit
  1. You can only sign-up with a valid steemit-username.
  2. If someone else has used (stolen) your steemit username to register on this web-service, please contact us immediately.
2) Image uploads & URL shortener
  1. By default, each user can upload up to 50 MB file-data, 500 images and 500 links. If you want to have more rights you're free to contact us.
  2. It is NOT allowed to upload files or links containing adult, racist and/or radicalising content.
    Although there is the option to mark files as 18+. This is meant to announce that there is a certain form of nudity... it may be artistic, funny or harmless content.
3) Stiim servers & databases
  1. Stiim reserves the right to block or remove any content or user from our servers and databases.
  2. If you want to delete your account and all of your data you can send a request from your control panel or contact us.
    Although it is possible to delete your account and/or uploaded data, we recommend not to do so because of the steemit blockchain posts...
    (Let us keep this alive!) Ain't we all chained to one or another block?
    Deactivating your account will take 24 hours. Removing your account and all of your data can take up to 30 days for legal security reasons.
4) Have fun
  1. Keep the web and stiim fun to use for everyone.
  2. We support freedom of speech - or as we say; friidom of spiich - but keep the term 2.2 in mind!
5) It's free
  1. But ... donations are non-refundable ;-)

Last edited on 2016-08-31